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A training pad for practising surgical stitching.

Holsim Suture Training Pads allow students to maximise surgical stitching techniques. Tutors can teach their students needle placement, stitching patterns, knot tying, superficial and surgical closures.


Suture Training Pads can come in a range of wounds, cut patterns and skin layer depths. Students will learn how to select the correct needle and thread type to use for the wound, needle insertion positioning, stitch spacing, burying the final knot and removing the stitches once the wound has healed.


Holsim Suture Pads will enhance student learning and allow them to develop their skills, prepare the wound for sutures, understand the properties of suture equipment, and gain a full understanding of skin anatomy.


Replicates the skin and tissue layers; epidermis, subcutaneous and deep fascia for a realistic learning experience. Skin layers are reinforced with mesh to give a lifelike tension and strength. Suture pads provide a realistic resistance for the needle to push through during stitching.

Suture Pad

SKU : Z100-000

Size: 140 x 140 x 5


Weight: 90g


Materials: Silicone and Mesh


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