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  • Teaching aid for manual pregnancy checks and ovarian diagnostics.

    Students are now able to train the most important steps of manual pregnancy checks and ovarian diagnostics. A unique system of placing the uterus inside of an intestine cushion, the cow body allows for a realistic feeling and palpation of the entire tract, including the cervix, uterine horns and different variations of ovaries.


    Students can check the most important signs of an early pregnancy (enlarged, fluid-filled horn and membrane slip).


    Additionally, the trainer can set up different cycle stages by exchanging ovaries that feature different functional bodies (small follicles, large follicles, Corpus luteum, cyst).


    Pregnancy stage approx. day 42/60, foetus contained, pregnant horn enlarged, pregnant horn fluid filled to imitate amniotic fluids, two membranes to enable training of manual membrane slip for pregnancy diagnostics, intestine cushion for optimal palpation experience.

    Pregnancy & Rectal Palpation Kit

    SKU : B800-000
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