• A training model for teaching jugular blood sampling, for use with the Interlocking Porcine.

    This jugular block has a definite visual curve, following the hollow of the neck, to indicate injection point for blood sampling from the jugular vein.

    Soft foam is embedded under silicone skin for a tender feel during palpation.

    Our Holsim Blood Pump connects to the jugular vein to allow for a pulsing blood flow.

    This jugular block is best used with our Interlocking Porcine Model as the head can be raised to 30 degrees from the horizontal to correctly expose the jugular vein for blood sampling.


    • 1 x Jugular Blood Sampling Model
    • 1 x Blood Pump
    • 1 x Jar of Artificial Blood
    • 2 x Knurl Screw

    Pig Jugular Blood Sampling Kit

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