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  • Teaching aid for the inserting and placement of nasogastric tubes through the oesophagus.


    Holsim's Equine Nasogastric Intubation Model is an anatomically correct teaching aid for veterinary students to learn how to insert nasogastric tubes through the oesophagus to relieve colic issues, administer drugs, or provide nutrition to the horse when not eating. This teaching aid can also be used to teach tube entry into the trachea for respiratory issues.  Nasogastric intubation is an essential and possibly life-saving procedure performed routinely in cases of equine colic to decompress the stomach and provide therapy.


    The model has a soft silicone nose, with both true and false nostrils. The nasal cavities lead up through a 3D printed resin skull, representing the hard palette in the nasal cavity. As the tube reaches the pharynx, a soft resistance can be felt as it connects with the larynx/oesophagal opening. The head of the horse can either be pushed downwards for the tube to pass into the oesophagus or can be raised for the tube to enter the trachea. The tube can be turned and adjusted both ventrally and medially to ensure correct positioning before entering either passage. 


    The tube can visually be seen travelling down the left-hand side of the horse's neck, as it passes down through the oesophagus. Students can also physically feel the tube passing down underneath the horse's skin on the neck. 


    The trachea has a slight ribbing to it, to represent the tracheal rings/cartilages. These can be felt when the tube is passed down the trachea. If the tube is in the trachea, shaking it will result in a hollow rattle. 


    The Holsim Equine Nasogastric Model can be used in the classroom for ease of teaching. The base of the model has a drainage hole where a stomach can be connected underneath, filled with sour feed or stomach contents to teach students syphoning of the stomach. 


    The neck skin on the horse can be removed for washing. 


    Please enquire with Holsim about additional jugular vein blood sampling.

    Nasogastric Intubation Horse

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