A model to teach milking, cupping and teat sealing techniques.

  • Students can practise the technique of pulling and producing milk from the teats in a controlled environment with clear assessment from the tutor before advancing into the field. Students can also learn how treat mastitis in the teats.
  • The udder is made with moulded plastic, and each teat is removable for cleaning and maintenance. The udder can be filled with ‘milk’ for training.
  • There are two types of teats: pink for use with milking training, and clear, for teaching teat sealing techniques. The clear silicone allows students to see how far up into the teat the syringe is inserted and antibiotics are applied.
  • The udder is mounted on a high-grade plywood stand for table-top use. 

Milking Udder

SKU : B500-000
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