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  • This model is an anatomically correct male feline that allows the practice of correct urinary catheter placement.

    The model can be clamped to a desktop or table and has non-slip rubber feet to prevent it from moving during the procedure.

    An internal casing can be removed from the cat, which holds the bladder, pelvis bone and penis with a soft foam surrounding. A replaceable suture block sits in the backside of the cat, with mesh reinforcement in the silicone, allowing the catheter to be stitched to the skin.

    The bladder can be filled with water from the fill tube on the back of the stand, for real-life feedback and bladder drainage practice. The prepuce can be rolled back to expose the penis for catheter insertion.


    Male Feline Urinary Catheter Model

    SKU : F100-000
    3 349,00$Prix
    • Male feline model that allows practice of correct urinary catheter placement.
    • Benchtop mounted, sectional model of a male cat.
    • Silicone penis and retractable prepuce.
    • A water filled bladder for real life feedback.
    • Potential to practice suturing catheter in place.
    • Benchtop design with non-slip rubber feet.
    • Water filling tube secures at the back with tube cap.
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