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  • The Holsim IV Dog Leg is a simple, transportable training tool for fluid administration.


    Veterinary students can practise finding the cephalic vein in a controlled environment for intravenous therapy or blood sampling with clear assessment and feedback from the tutor. Once the student has this initial training they are well prepared to maximise the value from subsequent live animal training.


    The IV Dog Leg allows for an easy and accurate way for students to practise blood sampling and fluid administration.


    The dog skin insert is first connected to the tubes in the dog leg. The blood is poured into the pump and then switched on. The blood will circulate through the vein tubing, where the student can then attempt to identify the cephalic vein and withdraw blood or administer the required fluids or drugs.


    The Holsim IV Dog Leg allows students to understand the bone and vein structure of a dog leg. The shaved skin can be removed to show the layer of skin, fat and muscle tissue.


    The blood is pumped through the main cephalic vein into the skin section where students, if accurate, will be able to withdraw blood, inject drugs or practice setting up a drip.


    IV Dog Leg Model Kit Includes:

    • 1 x IV Dog Leg Model with IV Insert
    • 1 x Blood Pump
    • 1 x Jar of Artificial Blood

    IV Dog Leg Model Kit

    2 582,00$Prix

    Anatomically Correct

    • Bone and vein positioning have been replicated from real canine anatomy.


    Blood Pump

    • Blood is circulated through the leg by a small electronic pump to simulate the heart pumping.


    Needle Resistance

    • When inserting the needle, a realistic resistance is felt under the skin.


    Bulging Vein

    • When pressure is applied, the vein bulges for students to see where to insert the needle.
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