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  • A flat-pack model allows for a variety of veterinary models to be used in conjunction with it.

    This life-size sow is a flat pack, an interlocking model which allows feature models to slot into compartments on the body and head. This allows you to upgrade the pig with new procedures as they’re developed. Made from high-grade 12mm ply with a coating/finish of your choice, this pig is robust and durable for student training in the classroom.

    The head can raise and lower 30 degrees to the horizontal, for use when blood sampling from the jugular and restraining/snaring the pig’s snout. When the head lowers, the spring-loaded jaw will open. When the head is raised, the jaw will shut closed.


    NOTE: This is for the plywood model ONLY. 


    Interlocking Porcine Model

    SKU : P200-000
    2 005,00$Prix
    • Durable 12mm high-grade plywood frame.
    • Flat-pack for ease of transportation/shipping.
    • Articulating neck and spring-loaded jaw for raising/lowering head to +/- 30degrees. 
    • Able to have Holsim feature models added/removed at ease. 
    • Removable top cage for ease of access to g-tract set up. 
    • Life-size anatomically correct sow. 
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