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  • Holsim's Interlocking Bovine is a flat-pack, transportable training mannequin for classroom teaching of calving techniques. This interlocking birthing cow is made from premium grade plywood pieces that slot and bolt together for easy setup and pack down.


    Veterinary students are provided with the opportunity to experience the calving process in a controlled environment with clear assessment and feedback from the tutor. Once the student has this initial training, they are well prepared to get the most out of live animal training and the experiences that follow.

    The top cage of the bovine is easily lifted off to set up and pack down the uterus bag, calf, etc.

    Both the Holsim Milking Udder and Cupping Udder are compatible with this model and can be bolted onto the underside of the bovine for practising milking, mastitis treatment applications and cupping.

    The interlocking bovine has carry handles on both the hinged base and the front of the bovine for moving it easily.

    Interlocking Bovine

    SKU : B100-000
    6 845,95$Prix

    Multiple kits or veterinary training models can be added onto or used in conjunction with this model. 

    • Birthing Kit
    • Artificial Insemination Kit
    • Mastitis Udder Kit
    • Milking Udder Kit
    • Metri-Treating Kit
    • Cupping Udder Kit
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