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  • A training model for otoscope examination and cleaning techniques of dog ears.


    Ear problems in dogs are a frequent occurrence in veterinary clinics. Most cases can be resolved with a thorough examination and clean of the ear. Ear infections are often caused by allergy-related issues, foreign bodies or the anatomy of the ear.


    The ear model includes an anatomically correct silicone pinna, representing that of a Labrador, and an ear canal (horizontal and vertical). The pinna can be pulled gently up and back from the head of the dog, to open up the canal tract.


    Students can learn how and where to palpate the ear canal correctly to dislodge any debris trapped in the ear. The palpable area is made from softer silicone than the pinna, allowing it to be pushed and rubbed in a circular motion to dislodge any debris.


    Due to the model being made from silicone, the ear canal can be filled with cleaning fluid or saline solution. The pinna is detailed with cartilage folds, to allow students to practice using a tissue, gauze or q-tip to clean the outer area of the pinna.


    The ear canal can also be filled with substances to represent wax or debris in the ear, giving a more realistic representation of the ear. The ear can be easily cleaned and flushed out with soapy water after use.


    Interchangeable coloured ear drums with symbols allow the tutor to challenge students on what to look for when using the otoscope down the ear canal. These ear drums come as a set of four. One is placed at the end of the horizontal canal during the procedure. Having both the different colours and different symbols on the eardrums pose varying difficulty levels for the students. Recognising the colour of the eardrum is stage one. Recognising both the colour and symbol of the eardrum is stage two. 


    The ear canal block can be clamped to a table or bench for controlled learning in any environment. It can be clamped in both upright and horizontal positions to represent how the dog may be lying/sitting on the operation table.

    Dog Ear Examination Model

    SKU : C500-000
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