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  • Anatomically precise 3D printed dog bones enable students to name, position and function each bone and its features.

    Holsim Dog Bones were 3D scanned from bones prepared from a single real dog, and then 3D printed from bioplastic.

    Because the original scan data for the bones came from a single dog, all of the bones are in proportion and fit together snuggly.

    The fore and hind limbs have all major bones, all carpals and tarsals and a representative digit (III). The set includes vertebrae from each region, a sacrum and two ribs.

    Limb bones in the Holsim Dog Bones set come pre-drilled for threading together, demonstrating how the joints fit together with the major ligaments.

    Canine Bones

    SKU : C1000-000

    Anatomically Correct

    • 3D scanned and printed from real dog bones, the Holsim Dog Bones reflect the size exactly.


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