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  • Our Captive Bolt Training Model allows students to practice their accuracy and technique, ensuring a swift and painless demise for livestock with minimal distress. 


    This model supports two types of training. It can be used with the resin artificial skull cap and the practice captive bolt gun, utilizing the light sensor to train the correct precision and angle of the gun. Once the handling of the captive bolt is corrected, the model can be switched out to the clay skull cap model and play-dough brain for practicing firing the real captive bolt gun to assess the position and damage of the brain.  


    Key features include a reusable brain and skull plates with moulds provided, eliminating ongoing expenses.  


    For optimal classroom use, it's advisable to have multiple clay skull caps readily available. The clay skull caps are easily remolded by heating and pouring into the mould. With just a few hours of setting time in a cool environment, this training model provides a cost-effective and practical solution for comprehensive bovine processing training.  


    Additional skull cap moulds and clay are available for purchase.


    Captive Bolt Kit model includes: 


    X1 Captive bolt model with resin and clay skull plate 

    X1 Captive bolt training gun   

    X1 Skull cap mould 

    X1 Brain mould 

    X1 Playdough for the brain 

    Captive Bolt Training Kit

    SKU : B1300-K000
    6 300,00$Prix
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