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  • A training mannikin for classroom teaching of feeding tube insertion into dog oesophaguses.


    The Canine Oesophageal Feeding Tube model helps you learn where to make an incision on a dog’s neck and how to navigate tools through the mouth and respiratory region to improve your ability to place a feeding tube through a dog’s neck.


    This training aid features a functioning jaw, accurate mouth and throat features (tongue, epiglottis, soft palate, etc.), and a surgical block with a jugular vein. The surgical jugular block is a replaceable part that can be cut and sutured multiple times. It also allows you to palpate where the jugular vein is located to improve your operational skills.


    There is a stomach opening at the rear of the model to show you if you have correctly placed your feeding tube. The model comes with connection points on the back to attach a mounting bracket if needed.


    Contact us for any spare parts or mounting brackets.

    Canine Oesophageal Feeding Tube Model

    SKU : C400-000
    6 339,00$Prix
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