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  • The Holsim Canine Cardio Audio Box allows students to recognise heart murmurs in dogs.


    Veterinary students can use their stethoscope to determine which of the four heart valves have murmurs.


    The audio box enables the tutor to associate murmurs with individual heart valves for the student to listen to and identify.


    The Canine Cardio Audio Box has been designed to only be heard with the stethoscope during student training when inserted into a Holsim Dog. The audio box anatomically mirrors the heart of a dog with individual murmurs to be associated with each heart valve. If requested we can also add a module to allow Lung Auscultation training with a variety of lung sounds.


    Note: This product does not include the mannequin, you must supply us with your existing dog CPR mannequin and we will upgrade it to allow cardiac training.

    Canine Cardio Audio Box

    3 995,00$Prix

    Anatomically Correct

    • Students can find the heart placement by counting the ribs of the dog.


    Valve Control

    • Each valve can be turned on or off to include a whoosing sound to represent the murmur.


    Four Valves

    • The audio box represents the four heart valves: mitral, aortic, pulmonary and tricuspid.


    Compression Aid

    • The box is able to undergo heart compressions when inserted into a CPR Dog.
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