The Holsim Birthing Calf is a transportable veterinary training model to be used with the Holsim Interlocking Bovine, for classroom teaching for calving techniques.


  • Modelled from actual bovine calf anatomy, the life like calf can be placed in the Interlocking Bovine’s uterus in a range of positions. This allows students to experience both easy and complicated procedures where the calf needs to be manipulated in the uterus prior to birthing.
  • The calf has internal bones in the hips and legs providing accurate movement and skeletal limits of the legs. This ensures a realistic challenge to the student when manipulating the position of the calf and strength to apply force during the birthing procedure.

Birthing Calf - Fresian

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Anatomically Correct

  • Modelled from actual bovine calf anatomy, giving a realistic calf mannequin.