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  • The Holsim Birthing Calf is a transportable training mannequin to be used with the Holsim Interlocking Bovine, for classroom teaching for calving techniques.


    Modelled from actual bovine calf anatomy, the life-like calf can be placed in the Interlocking Bovine’s uterus in a range of positions. This allows students to experience both easy and complicated procedures where the calf needs to be manipulated in the uterus before birthing.

    The calf has internal bones in the hips and legs providing accurate movement and skeletal limits of the legs. This ensures a realistic challenge to the student when manipulating the position of the calf and the strength to apply force during the birthing procedure.

    Birthing Calf - Jersey

    SKU : B100-200J
    8 612,00$Prix
    Colour: Jersey

    Anatomically Correct

    • Modelled from actual bovine calf anatomy, giving a realistic calf mannequin.
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