• This Equine Nasogastric Intubation Model is an anatomically correct set up for an essential procedure performed routinely in cases of equine colic to decompress the stomach and provide therapy.

    This model can be restrained with the head in the downwards position first to avoid passing the tube into the trachea. The nasogastric tube can then be passed ventrally and medially into the nose. When the tube reaches the pharanx, there is a soft resistance when the tube contacts the oesophageal opening.

    The horses head can be flexed up and down to open the airways or oesophagus.

    The model features both oesophagus and trachea, to ensure the tube is placed correctly. You can palpate the nasogastric tube above the left jugular vein and feel it travelling down the neck under the skin into the stomach.

    The model also features both dorsal ('false nostril') and ventral ('true nostrils’.)

    This model can double as a jugular blood sampling model, as well as a horse twitching model for restraining purposes.

    Nasogastric Horse Intubation Model

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